Why I Wanderlust

I wanderlust because no level of schooling, no time spent in a job or career, and no amount of research about countries, cultures, or the natural world can substitute experience. The change that occurs within me when I go on an adventure might just be the most important feeling I feel. Hell, the change that occurs in me when I know I’m about to go on an adventure is something special.

Being in tune with your surroundings – with nature – isn’t just for hippies anymore. Truthfully, being in the moment changes you. It changes your body and your mind. You become more lucid, as your brain’s qualitative functioning increases. Basically, the quality of your thoughts go up while your brain is given a rest. Stress goes down, and in nature, you are better off. I think if I’d known or given much thought to nature and my brain before college I might have just wandered into the forest with a few books, and called it Evergreen (which is actually the name of my college). But honestly. Being in the moment changes you. Haven’t you felt it? And that is what travel is about. That is what adventure is all about.

I wanderlust because living in the moment is what The ‘Why Not’ Life is all about. The photos below highlight moments in my life that have helped to whet the appetite of this glorious beast, Wanderlust.