For the Maybe Traveler

Today, I spent my first full day in León, Nicaragua. I live here now. And if you (like me) have experienced being stuck in a rut, and might like to live somewhere new and different then this post is for you. I’ve been in the country a whole week now and this is (so far) an account of everything I know to be true. I’ll go ahead and warn you there isn’t much to tell, because, well… it’s been a week and I don’t know shit.

First off; leave your life to chance when you travel here, but that goes for anywhere.

My house, and my work
Masaya Volcano

And that’s it. That is everything I know. Not satisfied with it? Well this post, like everything I do, isn’t very well thought out. But that’s okay- I learn through existence. And I like it here. Taking massive risks seems to me the surest way to enjoy an experience as awesome as this.

I choose to exist the way I do precisely because of the opportunity I am given to embrace unknowable things. I crave new experiences, because the more I learn the less I know. If you’ve never been here (or anywhere on your own for that matter) and think you may like to buy a one-way ticket, then just do it. Leave your life to chance, embrace the wildness of everything that frightens you, and enjoy a moment in time you will never regret.