You Be You

It all boils down to this, really. Be you. Do you. Become the YOU that you love, and plan for the future you want. The future that will make you thrive as the person you want to live with. Be kind. Be good to those you love. Be good to yourself. Because at the end of the day, no matter who’s in and who’s out of your life, you will ALWAYS be stuck with yourself. Love and make time for yourself, you know? It’s not selfish. It’s truth, because you can’t give real love to anyone if you haven’t enough for yourself.

Planning for your future in a real and concrete way is great. Just don’t get carried away and become so rigid in your planning that you don’t leave the essential space to adapt. Because things change. You change. And life always throws some weird, sometimes sweet, sometimes shit, things your way.

If a new opportunity presents itself and you want it more than what your plan dictates, to say NO would be a disservice to yourself. I believe that if something excites you, then you should always retain the freedom to pursue it. Nothing planned should dictate your inability to spontaneously change course if the new path is exactly where you want to be. No matter where you go follow the truth in yourself, and it will always take you exactly where you need to be.

Trust your intuition more than your mortgage, more than the voice that says you aren’t enough, more than any institution that makes you believe that you are bound more to THEM than you are to the pursuit of self love and growth.

In short- if you are to be honest with yourself, then leave room for some spontaneity in that plan of yours.