Leica May-Nov 2015 798
Cracking mud. The Flattops Wilderness, Colorado. July 2015

The other day I woke up feeling apathetic about any experiences coming at me that day, because I knew it wasn’t anything I hadn’t lived before. And I realized I’d been waking up bored like that for a while now. The void inside me created through complacency was made bigger by an insufferable lack of new adventures. And these weren’t the day-trip-to-Denver kind of adventures. I’m talking the stuff that makes your heart pound. Like cliff jumping naked in a glacier lake at the full moon. Or, you know, falling in love. I festered restlessly on my adventure lust for most of the day before resolving to make a change. So, yesterday I quit my jobs. Today I bought a one-way ticket. And just a few minutes ago I started this blog. Welcome to The ‘Why Not’ Life.