Talking to You

Before you go clicking away to another adventure blog- hear me out. I’m just getting my bearings. It’s been years since I wrote anything. But maybe what I say will resonate with you. Maybe it will make you laugh. Or you’ll get inspired by something here. But, you might completely hate it. I haven’t written anything yet. Who knows? Maybe this blog will totally suck.

Leica May-Nov 2015 097
My friend Grace at start of the gorgeous South Coast Wilderness Trail. Washington State – May 2015

This blog is here for one reason. It’s here to help me make sense of my confusing life. It’s here to help me reason with the fact that I never really feel at home. Not anywhere for very long, anyway. I’m writing to make a deliberate effort to live in a more fulfilling way. To travel. To adventure. To grow. To explore. To love. To combat anxieties that tell me I’m not anything enough to live the life I absolutely want. And the anxieties that tell me not to write. Screw those anxieties. Financial anxieties, too. Screw it all. I just want more. I just want to fall in love in new ways. To live a life where my heart beats fast every day.

Like I said, this blog is here for one reason. It’s here because I want more out of this one chance I get at life.

As a wayfaring twenty-something dreamer who spent my post-college years drifting from job to job, place to place, never quite feeling satisfied I thought hey, maybe I’m not alone. Maybe you are like me. Maybe you, too, are dreaming of quitting your mundane job waiting tables and getting on a plane somewhere new and different. The idea is only to keep growing and learning from new experiences. Maybe I can construct an adventure blog that means something.

Maybe I’m just dreaming. But wherever I land, it feels good to be taking the leap.

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